Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Embrace the camera} October 20th

We were enjoying our first fall fire in the fire pit
as a family...

Then a drunk driver hit the telephone pole
across the street from our home.
The car caught on fire,
the driver was OK,
Reid LOVED the fire trucks....

We spent the night with my parents
and enjoyed playing in the leaves. :)


Sandra Kohlmann said...

Wow! That's an eventful evening. I like the contrast between the "happy" fire in the first picture and the "angry" fire in the third picture.

Excellent job of embracing the camera. Your family is adorable.

natalie said...

yikes!! glad everyone is okay! ...& the last picture is so adorable!!

Wendy said...

Wow ~ I was totally thinking your family of four is simply beautiful, then shocked as I continued scrolling down! So glad you are all ok!

Jordyn said...

Your family is absolutely PRECIOUS!

Mama Bear said...

You have REAL leaves everywhere! Oh how Florida does tend to disappoint. :( Beautiful!

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