Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22

Today Mom, Reid and I went to Babies R Us to get a G diapers for Betsy & Coti and a bath sponge for you Reid. I really wanted to find a simple calendar to record daily events of Reid's first year, so we looked at AC Moore, Michael's and Target for one, but I ended up getting a journal instead. It's really going to be neat to write little tid bits about Reid and be able to remember those precious moments and milestones in the future. Since we were around the corner from Steve (and I needed to get gas) we visited him at work on his lunch break. He showed Reid off to his coworkers, who all thought he was a cute baby and we enjoyed a mid afternoon hug and kiss. After gassing up the car we went home and Reid let me know all the way home that he was VERY hungry. It's funny, before I had him, I never thought that I would smile/laugh and his crying. Don't get me wrong, I don't like it when he is sad, but some of the noises he is starting to make are just so darn cute! ,I ate lunch while I was feeding Reid. It's amazing how well you can multi task once you become a Mommy. After lunch we went to Joanns to get fabric to make a wet bag for Betsy and a changing table cover for me.Reid slept in his Ergo carrier the whole time and did really well. Mom and I managed to sew the wet bag and enjoyed some cake together. I made Steak and fries for dinner. Carole Powell visited and met Reid for the first time and gave me a necklace she made and a gift card for Reid. We had a great evening and Reid was awake for a lot of it. Steve and I just stared at his cute face and adored him for quite a while on the couch. He took a little nap, and then ate before bed and slept for....7 hours and 14 minutes!! Boy did that feel great! It's amazing how much more human you feel when you sleep uninterrupted.


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