Thursday, March 15, 2012

{Embrace the camera}-March 15th

We are feeling a warming trend 
here in Maine.
It was 60 MARCH!
This is a big deal.
I got to wear a skirt.
We went on walks.
We played at the park.
This is one happy Mama.


bird and tree said...

So fun! I spent a summer in Wells, Maine back in was so cold!!! But it was breathtakingly beautiful! Hope it is still warm and you are still having tons of fun!!!

MnM said...

Cute outfit! Looks like a fun time! Great photo!
Happy Embracing!

Jacci said...

Oooh, for some reason I just thought this whole shot looked Welsh :) My father-in-law's family is Welsh. I consider it a good thing! Glad you're getting to enjoy the days outside.

Mommy Girl said...

what a crazy magical photo with your one son's face in focus - amazing!

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