Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Embrace the camera} March 29th

Reid is OBSESSED with tractors....
I'm not sure if this really is a tractor,
but he was very excited about it. :)
check out this song if you
have a moment, your toddler will love it.

Saturday night with my love.

Getting an ice cream treat.
It was over 70 degrees, in March.
That is a BIG deal in Maine. :)


Bekah said...

oh man, boys and tractors! I just showed that video to Jack and when the tractor was flying he looked at me and said 'no! thats silly!!' haha I love toddlers.

Joy Ward said...

that last picture is awesome! :)

Jessa said...

my 2yo flips for tractors. once we had some plumbing work done and they brought a tractor/digger. He was beside himself.

tasha said...

Oh, what fun! My 3yr old would have flipped with excitement over that tractor! Love the name Reid.

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